The simplest twist to enjoy your toast!

23 Dec

Sometimes i have periods where i an completely against toast, too many carbs and i just feel like it’s not natural enough, its too proccessed and your body wont benefit in any way.
Thats where – i beleive- i made a mistake , by choosing whole wheat bread s and toast, yore giving yourself the energy it needs from carbs as well as that fullness and satisfaction, sometimes having too much vegetables can cause you to be bloated and you need something to relax your stomach, its also a great carb- food that you can have warm and crunchy which can easily substitute things like waffles and cakes in the morning or afternoon with only 70 calories!!
So just one more thing is left, how to give your toast that extra taste if you dont like it plane,

1.peanut butter
2. Honey
3. Carob
4. Some warmed raisins

But the absolute best with hardly any extra calories but a hugee difference in flavour

5. Sprinkle some cinammon on the toast!! Its great and delicious, whole wheat toast with cinammon sprinkle, you wont be buying any 400 calorie cinnabuns anytime soon.

20131221-115846 am.jpg


2 Responses to “The simplest twist to enjoy your toast!”

  1. katylouisewaterhouse December 23, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

    Ohhhh I’m gonna try this in the morning!

    • annamartin97 December 24, 2013 at 10:56 am #


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