Raisin and grated carrot salad

22 Dec

As christmas is the time mostly spend with your family, wether its just you sister Brother and parents or wether its you great aunty and 4th cousins which you only see once a year, after all family is family.

So me and my friends decided to have a pre-christmas dinner, to celebrate together before we take a week of pure family time. So yes! Were a bunch of teenage girls pretending we have great cooking skills and each bringing a dish to form a great banquet in one of my friends houses in the mountains – the perfect atmosphere!

As i AM the health freak of the group i was ofcourse responsible of the salad! The best way to preach to my sisters about healthy eating right?

So i really had to impress them by proving tha salads are NOT..
1.) tomatoes lettuce and cucumber only and always
2.) a bunch of vegetables filllled with fatenning dressing.

So my salad was. Seasoned with only fresh lemon juice. Refreshing and nutritious!

Cucumber (2)
2 grated carrots
Handful raisins
Handful walnuts
1 cup chopped celery sticks

Just look at alll those colours!!!

20131221-115601 am.jpg


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