Green is the colour for christmas! – What NOT to-do before a big christmas dinner party

20 Dec

Its the week before christmas and you can see the change in people’s expression, everyone being more jolly and more relaxed as the holidays approach. Mothers and grandmothers getting prepared in the kitchen, stacking up groceries as if its before a world war and the never-ending santa costumes littered around the city wether its a little boy with a santa hat or a great big ho-ho-ho-er.

But with christmas and the festivity that follows with it, everyone knows what is waiting for them at that christmas dinner wether its with family or friends, what piles of food they have prepared and how creative they have come to make those dishes.

Only last night did we have our first “christmas dinner” with some friends and now waiting for the big finale which is the family lunch on the 25th.

Knowing that tonight you will be going to devour hundreds of dishes that are not certainly categorized as healthy most people naturally beleive that if they dont eat all day, they will be allowed to eat anything and everything that night, in the end one will substitute for the other right?

No no and NO!!! This myth is so common and people dont see the sense of it, i’m guilty of believing this myth and it has only caused disaster! By starving yourself throughout the whole day you decrease your metabolism and put your body into starvation mode, then as soon as that first piece of grandma’s roast potatoes goes into your mouth, your body starts to crave food to receive back all the calories it was neglected all day, and some people do this a few days in advance only heightening this problem. Your mind doesn’t really realize that and gobbles up all the starters, main course and even everything served for desert, and thats excluding the mini chocolates you got in your stocking, in the end, you have actually taken in so much more calories than normal, your body will take a lot longer to digest and metabolize them, and you will go to bed with a huge painful stomach that will ruin your christmas!

The other option?
Wake up and eat your normal breakfast, make it something christmasy to get into the spirit, make sure its healthy, full of fibre and protein to keep you full and energized!
Then continue the day with a low calorie lunch, maybe a salad with no dressing and a little bit of protein, keeping you full and your body working but still not adding up too many calories.
And when it’s dinner time, you wont be starving, you can eat with your mind and not your stomach, tasting everything in moderation and choosing more salads and veggies and some good protein – turkey! And keeping away from the carbohydrates and fried foods. Of course its christmas and you can help yourself to a piece of cake, but being full and satisfied anyway you will only feel the need to enjoy a small piece as a treat. Outcome? You’ve consumed the right amount of calories, you sleep better and your body is happier digesting the food so much quicker than before!

I hope everyone can see the sense in this because after all it is our body and we should understand how it works, we should treat it with care and feed it when its hungry but not overfeed it till its bloated. Although its christmas i do not believe stuffing your face makes the season, you do have to enjoy those chocolates, mince pies and gingerbread men with a warm glass of hot chocolate but remember, moderation actually makes you appreciate everything more, wont you enjoy one cookie so much if its a treat on christmas day rather than if you eat a whole packet everyday?

Have fun preparing for your christmas dinners and make sure there’s plenty of veggies to serve, after all green is the colour for christmas!

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