Japanease salad

16 Dec

I’v always been a fan of the unique cuisine of the Japanese and although you can never really quite make the exact luscious dishes served in the Japanese restaurants which i love, there’s always a way to get that similar taste whenever you’re craving those mixture of tastes that asian cuisine offers you.

The thing i love about asian food is that they really make the best of all the lovely gifts of nature, the different combinations of ingredients which some people may believe to be merely inedible are transformed to amazing Japanese dishes which people secretly love till they face the truth of what they’re made of. Thats something that really annoys me about stereotyping, foods that are given to us by nature FULL of so many benefits are being categorized with things that they just are not and that just leads to people leading unhealthier lifestyles each day!

The salad i made today doesn’t really include any of these “crazy” ingredients mostly because i wanted to make something simple that everyone and anyone can prepare and eat wether on a budget or simply because those kinds of foods are just not available everywhere.

3tbsp Brown rice
1 cup Celery
1 Cucumber
Handful Lettuce
1 Lemon
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper
3 small Beef pieces
Hoi sin sauce

20131216-062919 pm.jpg


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