Healthy White bean and beef burgers

12 Dec

This was made by me and my mum, while the rest of the family was having “normal” beef burgers i wanted to make sure mine were that little bit more nutritious, and the first thing that came into my mind when wanting to
Make healthier burgerswere ofcourse BEANS! A great source of protein but also famous “black bean burgers” i decided to go with something a little bit less classic and give it a shot. Guys…. It was amazebaaaaaaaallls! Yum yum yum!! I had it three days in a row as my lunch with some lovely red cabbage and tomato salad and a hint of hoi sin sauce (my absolute favourite sauce)

For those of you who are vegetarian, you can replace the mince meat with some quorn or even sweet potatoes

Equal amounts of
Mince meat (lean with no fat)
Pumpkin puree
White beans
1/2 amount spinach.
Black pepper
Hint of cayenne pepper

Mix all the ingredients and roll into the shape if the burger, spray a pan with some olive oil and until cooked!

You can add some garlic or parsley if you’re a fan of stronger tastes and get creative with different spices!

Enjoy this lovely burger that will boost your day!

20131212-083854 pm.jpg


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