Cabbage boat salad.

6 Dec

Red cabbage is my new favourite salad ingredient and not only because of the amazing bright colour it adds to the plate but also because of the hint of sweetness it has as well as the super crispiness of it.

This is a salad with a bit of a twist that can be used as a starter for dinner. Parties or simply if youre bored of mixing up a bunch of chopped vegetables every day in a bowl.

Cut the cabbage into little boat shaped wedges, and place on a plate. Spread with some low fat greek yogurt and Add a portion of chicken breast on top, add some chopped peppers (yellow and red) and some finely chopped lettuce. Season with cayenne pepper depending on how much you like your spice. (For me it makes the whole dish.)

I like the fact that you are still eating a salad with tonnes of vegetables but it feels more like a dish which can add a little bit of change to your diet style.

The image is using the same ingredients a little differently, each boat is one leaf of cabbage rather than a wedge which is another idea for this dish.

20131206-071925 am.jpg


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