Healthy date cookies

28 Nov

Christmas time = that amazing smelll of cinammon welcoming you from every kitchen you wnter. These cinammon date cookies made our kitchen smell just like christmas and they are the perfect combination of sweet yet healthy. With my school bake sale approaching to fundraise money for my year group’s trip to greece; i find it my responsibility to add a little bit of a healthy choice on the table for the budding “fitsporations” in school.

I always find it pressurising to make cookies/cake for my friends and keep them healthy as its always scary to get feedback from people who haven’t been properly introduced to a healthy lifestyle so i really wanted these cookies to be extra special, extra sweet and extra christmasy. Challenge accepted!

2 cups oats
5 dates
Cinnamon (lots and lots and lots)
Organic 80% dark chocolate chips
1 egg
Juice of half an orange.
1/4 cup walnuts

Put oats, walnuts cinnamon and dates in a food processor. When combined well and turned to ‘sticky powder’ add egg and orange juice, pulse.
Finally add chocolate chips and mix making sure the pieces don’t become too small.

Leave in oven for 15 minuets in a non-stick tray with some wax paper.

20131127-030122 pm.jpg

20131127-030130 pm.jpg


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