Berry smoothie dessert

20 Nov

Its been more than i can remember since i last made a juice smoothie to energize me throughout the day; waking up quite late and being in a rush to go out made it the perfect day to get back to my old habit that i used to love! Good old smoothies 🙂

This was. Less a “drinking” smoothie and more something i can enjoy with a spoon as a dessert in the afternoon or after dinner as it satisfies that sweet tooth but also fills me with energy and good vitamins!

2tbsp yogurt (greek non-fat)
1 cup frozen blueberries and cranberries
1 teaspoon organic honey
Coconut flakes (as much as you fancy)

Add all ingredients in the machine that saved all our lives (the blender!!) and enjoy however you want , wether watered down with some milk/water to drink or with some granola to eat as a parfait or on its own like i did 🙂

Personally i loved the thickness and richness of it, i can even imagine keeping it in the freezer for about an hour to enjoy ad the perfffect frozen yogurt!!

20131120-022934 pm.jpg


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