The ultimate apple breakfast!

18 Nov

The way i see apples are a ball of energy that can only be awesome for you!

1. They taste amazing
2. You can eat them with so many different things
3. You can eat them alone
4. You can enjoy them chopped
5. You can bite into them whole
6. They come at only 60 calories each
7. They keep you full and satisfied
8. They are nature’s gift

So, i woke up wanting something quick to prepare but also nutritious to keep me going for a long day ahead.

2 tbsp yogurt (greek low-fat)
2 tsp almond butter
1 small green apple
1 small whole wheat toast
1 tbsp cottage cheese
Apple flavoured green tea

This was really great! You can even top it up with some cinammon for some extra flavour!

The toast and cheese added a little bit of versatility to my breakfast and i think sometimes we need that simply so that we don’t get bored but also so we get the range of all the vital nutrients our body needs.

20131118-072849 am.jpg


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