Zucchini pasta strips

17 Nov

20131117-090930 am.jpg
This might not be the best picture ever but for a first try, and a last minuet lunch idea, i was very proud. I got really excited that this actually worked because i’m not a very big fan of other zuchini recipes but this was great and it really can be eaten and mixed with any form of meat/chicken or cheese just like pasta, it satisfies that starchy feeling when you eat spaghetti, and you can even argue that its full or creativity and much more flavour than plain old spaghetti!

3 small zucchinis
Cayenne pepper (optional)
Black pepper

I made the recipe quite plain as this is the base of the lunch and you can then decide what to complement the dish with.
Cut the zucchinis in thin strips as thin as you can, and boil for 10 minuets until they soften (but not too much)

You can have it with:
Mince meat (light Bolognese sauce)
Sprinkled light parmesan cheese
Cottage cheese

Be creative, the list is endlesss……


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