Natural oat rye bread

16 Nov

This was something i wanted to try instead of normal bread and bought a pack of 4 toast-sized squares.

At first, being a substitute for toast in the morning with peanut butter spread on top; it had a very strong taste which i wasn’t expecting or used to, i thought id wasted my money and will probably end up throwing the rest away eventually.

But after having the same thing the next morning my taste buds seemed to be more ready for it! Another advantage is you need a lot less to feel full and it can even be a substitute for a cake or biscuit in the afternoon when you’re craving something sweet and chewy. It will benefit you and shower you with vitamins and minerals so that you can have the highest energy throughout the day.

In conclusion, i would and am going to be eating more rye bread, just find your favorite spread on top and get your taste buds used to it, i have a feeling it will eventually be my new obsession.

20131116-072847 am.jpg


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