So many veggies – a white beans lunch.

10 Nov

Having a full plate sometimes may make you feel like you’re greedy or you imagine yourself gaining all those calories on your body. A lot of times people face a huge issue with keeping their portions small, using smaller plates/smaller spoons and eating the same lasagna full of oil and pastry and butter but so little of it leaving their stomachs grumbling constantly. This leads to your body being in starvation mode and holding on to every little calorie you give it as fat, as well as the stomach and small intestines shrinking.

No more horrifying facts! But that proves that we should EAT and pile up our plates, just with good old healthy and nutritious foods, turn that lasagna into a wholemeal pasta with some mince meat quicked lightly in olive oil and organic tomato sauce. You get the idea.

so this huge plate of yumliness, gives me the right ampunt of calories and energy and is just so yum yum yum!

Fresh spinach
Fresh cabbage
Carrot sticks
Cucumber sticks
Celery sticks
White beans (boiled)
Chopped parsley
Lemon juice
Aubergine dip (2 aubergines and 1tbsp of low fat greek yogurt)

For the aubergine dip, boil 2 aubergines until extremely soft, peel leaving the inside only, mash and mix with the yogurt, leave in fridge to cool!

20131110-085319 am.jpg


One Response to “So many veggies – a white beans lunch.”

  1. Dinner Bank November 10, 2013 at 7:42 am #

    Looks so fresh and healty 🙂 Yummi 🙂

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