Make your own natural homemade almond butter.

6 Nov

When i scraped off the last bits of my peanutbutter jar, and planned on going to buy a new one i though i might do a little research beforehand

I saw all the random ingredients being put in the jars you buy from shops, extra fat or sugar and preservatives that made me want to just never buy penutbutter again. You can never trust what anything says even if it has been filled with “all natural” and “organic” promises.

I needed to make my own. From scratch.

But to change things up a bit, a nut butter that i have always wanted to try is almond butter!

It actually helps more with weight loss and is a lot less addictive although still delicious with all foods especially apples. That causes one to eat less and become satisfied and so end up with overall less calories, and so the adventure for making my own almond butter begin.

First of all you need to understand this needs alot of patience. A lot!

Step 1 – pour some almonds in your food processor (more than 1 cup minimum)
Step 2 – pulse till crumbly and sticks on sides
Step 3- remove from aides and pulse again
Step 4 – it will turn a little more sticky. Keep removing any that get stuck on side and pulse
Repeat step 4 till no more get stuck.
Step 5 – it will turn into a dough-like ball. Keep pulsing.
Step 6 – it will turn more soft and stick on the sides, pulse and mix and repeat till it gets even after
Step 6 – once very soft keep pulsing till it reaches the texture you want

Store in an airtight container and leave in room temperature.
Its soooo good! And has literally ONLY ALMONDS!!!

20131106-064825 am.jpg

20131106-064815 am.jpg


One Response to “Make your own natural homemade almond butter.”

  1. LIBIN CHACKO KURIAN November 6, 2013 at 4:52 am #

    Thanks for sharing……well written….

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