Anari and carob

2 Nov

These two ingredients are both a very traditional food found in cuprus.

A traditional cheese which is enjoyed as either a desert or in savoury foods. And the natural gift scattered all around cyprus – carob which can also be enjoyed raw. It has a sweet taste sort of in between chocolate and honey, and can be bought as a syrup which is what i usually use.

So mixing these two together is something i never thought i could do but its a very common mixture that can be enjoyed in the mornings, two things out ofyour fridge that need only 2 seconds to prepare and leave you enjoying wonderful strong flavour!

The wonderful thing about anari cheese is the little taste it has, almost like tofu it can get the taste of whatever you add to it, it is also one of the cheeses very low in fat.

4 slices of anari cheese
1 tablespoon of carob
A small peice of rye bread.

It’s a great snack or breakfast to satisfy your sweet tooth 🙂


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