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Raw mince pies!

29 Nov

Dare i call these a healthy version of mince pies that you can eat and enjoy and indulge in with no regrets even with your families who don’t believe in healthy eating? I do dare. That is exactly my experience with these amazing ‘mincepies’ not only did i fall in love with them but so did my mum – the ultimate mince pie lover who even asked for the recipe to make some for christmas dinner with the family – if nothing else i thimk that’s my ultimate proof that 1. You can enjoy christmas in a healthy way and 2. Go make these right now!!!

For ‘pastry’ layer:
1 cup walnuts
1 cup almonds
1 teaspoon almond butter
1 tablespoon carob
5 dates
2 tablespoons oats

For filling:
1 apple chopped
Juice of 1/2 orange
Lots!!!! Of cinnamon

Add the walnuts and almonds in food processor, then once turned to powder (or abit bigger) add the oats and cinnamon. Pulse. Add the carob and almond butter and dates and pulse until everything is well combined.

Place in some cupcake cases. Making sure they fit the shape you want.

Chop apples and dates into small pieces. Mix with the rest of the ingredients and place a tablespoonful of the mixture in each cup.

Refrigerate for about 2 hours before serving 🙂

20131129-081004 am.jpg


Healthy date cookies

28 Nov

Christmas time = that amazing smelll of cinammon welcoming you from every kitchen you wnter. These cinammon date cookies made our kitchen smell just like christmas and they are the perfect combination of sweet yet healthy. With my school bake sale approaching to fundraise money for my year group’s trip to greece; i find it my responsibility to add a little bit of a healthy choice on the table for the budding “fitsporations” in school.

I always find it pressurising to make cookies/cake for my friends and keep them healthy as its always scary to get feedback from people who haven’t been properly introduced to a healthy lifestyle so i really wanted these cookies to be extra special, extra sweet and extra christmasy. Challenge accepted!

2 cups oats
5 dates
Cinnamon (lots and lots and lots)
Organic 80% dark chocolate chips
1 egg
Juice of half an orange.
1/4 cup walnuts

Put oats, walnuts cinnamon and dates in a food processor. When combined well and turned to ‘sticky powder’ add egg and orange juice, pulse.
Finally add chocolate chips and mix making sure the pieces don’t become too small.

Leave in oven for 15 minuets in a non-stick tray with some wax paper.

20131127-030122 pm.jpg

20131127-030130 pm.jpg

Ultimate healthy Vegetable soup

27 Nov

another bowl of soup to celebrate another day passing till the christmas season comes, this may just be a new tradition forming its shape, a bowl of green soup a day to keep healthy and strong against the cold december weather.

Apart from the cosines you feel when you sit covered in a huge oversized hoodie watching home alone and enjoying your soup, it is also reallly yummm yum yum! Vegetables are literally the group of food we need to get the most of and they’re the only thing that keeps us full but not bloated, after having a lovely bowl of soup i don’t feel like i want to go have a nap.

Yellow peppers
Optional: some boiled chicken pieces.

Boil all the vegetables together adding more of the ones you specially love (broccoli!!)your favorite veggies and bon appetite!!!

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The revolution of overnight oats

26 Nov

Start of another week means a great opportunity to try something new, something i was so shocked i had never tried before, although i hear about it all the time the idea never really got to me until i finally tried – overnight oats. Wow!

Its like normal oats just a trillion times better! You can be as creative as you like and the flavour just gets intensified! The oats also be become a lot more soft as they stay in the milk/yogurt all night.

And on top of that you wake up in the morning fully relaxed knowing that your breakfast is waiting for you.

My first overnight oats:
3 tbsp quaker oats
1/4 cup milk (semi-skimmed)
1 apple chopped in cubes

I think ill be sharing different ideas for what you can include in your overnight oats as it can be such a versatile breakfast!

Have a great week!

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Spinach and cauliflower

22 Nov

The winter season has finally shown up and there’s nothing better to really put us into that wintery spirit than a good old warm bowl of soup.
This was sooo delicious i cant beleive i have never tried it before and has such a rich green colour that screams out “nutrition!” It has only 2 ingredients.



About 1 cup of each raw.
Boil for around 20 minuets in the same boiling pan and keep stirring (chop cauliflower in small peices for this process to be faster)
Blend with a hand blender and its ready!!

If there’s excess water through away before blending, but keep around the same level of water as vegetables.

Top it off with some black pepper or cayenne pepper if you’re feeling adventurous.

20131122-065707 am.jpg

Berry smoothie dessert

20 Nov

Its been more than i can remember since i last made a juice smoothie to energize me throughout the day; waking up quite late and being in a rush to go out made it the perfect day to get back to my old habit that i used to love! Good old smoothies 🙂

This was. Less a “drinking” smoothie and more something i can enjoy with a spoon as a dessert in the afternoon or after dinner as it satisfies that sweet tooth but also fills me with energy and good vitamins!

2tbsp yogurt (greek non-fat)
1 cup frozen blueberries and cranberries
1 teaspoon organic honey
Coconut flakes (as much as you fancy)

Add all ingredients in the machine that saved all our lives (the blender!!) and enjoy however you want , wether watered down with some milk/water to drink or with some granola to eat as a parfait or on its own like i did 🙂

Personally i loved the thickness and richness of it, i can even imagine keeping it in the freezer for about an hour to enjoy ad the perfffect frozen yogurt!!

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The ultimate apple breakfast!

18 Nov

The way i see apples are a ball of energy that can only be awesome for you!

1. They taste amazing
2. You can eat them with so many different things
3. You can eat them alone
4. You can enjoy them chopped
5. You can bite into them whole
6. They come at only 60 calories each
7. They keep you full and satisfied
8. They are nature’s gift

So, i woke up wanting something quick to prepare but also nutritious to keep me going for a long day ahead.

2 tbsp yogurt (greek low-fat)
2 tsp almond butter
1 small green apple
1 small whole wheat toast
1 tbsp cottage cheese
Apple flavoured green tea

This was really great! You can even top it up with some cinammon for some extra flavour!

The toast and cheese added a little bit of versatility to my breakfast and i think sometimes we need that simply so that we don’t get bored but also so we get the range of all the vital nutrients our body needs.

20131118-072849 am.jpg

Zucchini pasta strips

17 Nov

20131117-090930 am.jpg
This might not be the best picture ever but for a first try, and a last minuet lunch idea, i was very proud. I got really excited that this actually worked because i’m not a very big fan of other zuchini recipes but this was great and it really can be eaten and mixed with any form of meat/chicken or cheese just like pasta, it satisfies that starchy feeling when you eat spaghetti, and you can even argue that its full or creativity and much more flavour than plain old spaghetti!

3 small zucchinis
Cayenne pepper (optional)
Black pepper

I made the recipe quite plain as this is the base of the lunch and you can then decide what to complement the dish with.
Cut the zucchinis in thin strips as thin as you can, and boil for 10 minuets until they soften (but not too much)

You can have it with:
Mince meat (light Bolognese sauce)
Sprinkled light parmesan cheese
Cottage cheese

Be creative, the list is endlesss……

Natural oat rye bread

16 Nov

This was something i wanted to try instead of normal bread and bought a pack of 4 toast-sized squares.

At first, being a substitute for toast in the morning with peanut butter spread on top; it had a very strong taste which i wasn’t expecting or used to, i thought id wasted my money and will probably end up throwing the rest away eventually.

But after having the same thing the next morning my taste buds seemed to be more ready for it! Another advantage is you need a lot less to feel full and it can even be a substitute for a cake or biscuit in the afternoon when you’re craving something sweet and chewy. It will benefit you and shower you with vitamins and minerals so that you can have the highest energy throughout the day.

In conclusion, i would and am going to be eating more rye bread, just find your favorite spread on top and get your taste buds used to it, i have a feeling it will eventually be my new obsession.

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Dipping for more – sweet cottage cheese and almond dip

11 Nov

This sweet dip is the perfect complement to your afternoon or mid-morning fruit snack!

1 tablespoon low fat greek yogurt
2 tablespoons cottage cheese
Cinnamon sprinkles (i usually add a lot!!)
1 teaspoon Almond butter

Combine all the ingredients, this usually serves two with 2 sliced apples used as a dip 🙂 its a great thing to enjoy infront of the tv watching your favorite thing and crunching on these lovelies

20131111-063539 am.jpg