My favorite bars!

29 Oct

20131027-062658 pm.jpg

20131027-062738 pm.jpg

Bars are a great craving killer as well as a snack stopper. Something that will stop your rumbling stomach as well as give you energy to keep going.

They are also very convenient for busy days where you know you wont go home, its great to keep a few in your bag.

Another great thing is there’s so many bars out there that are full of different benefits, and you can choose something that will suit you personally.

These are a few of my favorite bars which i always have:

All natural:
With 4 choices of flavors my favorite two are the orange and blue, full of dried fruits, buckwheat and different nuts, they’re a great 200 calorie snack.

Nature valley:
I used to always get these, but can’t get them anymore unfortunately 😦 they are amazing dipped in some tea and especially when you’re craving something crunchy. I love the honey and oats flavor.

Jordan’s cranberry:
These are the lowest calorie choice, only 110 calories, they are the perfect bar to satisfy that sweet tooth.

These are my favorite bars, and i wrote this just to share with all of you not for advertising reasons or anything else 🙂


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