Enjoy your pasta and stay healthy!

26 Oct

20131026-092829 am.jpg

Pasta. The sound of it usually makes me think it is a big fat “no no” for a healthy diet. Very starchy and full of carbs, sounds like quite a fattening food for me, especially when accompanied with sauces, and eating a huge mountain ofnit kn your plate.

Secret no. 1:
Go brown!!! Whole wheat pasta! Higher in fibre and trust me tastes so much better. It feels more like real food, without being so processed!

Secret no. 2:
A bed of lettuce!
This fills up your plate before even piling on the pasta, that way you’ll only feel the need to add a little bit of pasta to your dish and therefore get just the right amount of carbs you need as well as an addition of great fresh greens.

Secret no.3
You choice of ‘dressing’
Choose a good source of protein that will keep you full, no sauces full of fat and butter that will add nothing good to your diet, you can add chicken, meat cooked in olive oil spray, tuna, shrimps, be creative but don’t overdo it!

Secret no. 3
No cheese? I personally am able to enjoy my pasta without sprinkling grated cheese on top, but even that is possible, choose something low fat with a strong taste that will only need a little to make a big difference! My personal favorite is halloumi cheese!

Hope that helps all you crazy loving pasta peeps.


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