Anorexia nervosa

26 Oct

I have been coming across a lot of articles and Instagram pages as well as thousands of posts on tumblr about eating disorders.
Ifs something that i always knew existed obviously but it was just there. This past week it really shocked me and Madame really angry that so many people have to suffer with such horrible pressure and fear throughout their whole lives which isn’t even necessary!

We talk about fear and although it is never something someone wants to feel sometimes its for a good reason; it may keep us safe or cautious from specific stuff but fear with no reason instilled by lie after lie, and peer pressure, is just a big tragedy!!

It made me extremely sad that all the girls i found with anorexia recovery pages online were only 11 or 12; its crazy that their lives have been taken away from them by this illness and they have to put so much energy into trying to fight it.

Although i try to sty healthy, always watch my calories and make sure i exercise, i don’t want it to control me but rather me control it! Yes being healthy is great but guys please make sure you are doing it for the right reasons! When you want to eat eat!! Don’t think about it, food is a part of our natural mechanism, it’s not a modern invention that has been created! We need food and the most important thing is to work on your life, your future.

Also so many people who are trying to recover from anorexia; it must be really hard; our brains are such a complicated twisted thing and our feelings may feel out of our control; but in the end it is our selves that control our bodies; you can do it if you put all your energy into it! Listen to yourself because i believe you are the only person that can change anything; not what anyone else tells you, or forces you to do.

That was another one of my quick, brain emptying posts that i literally just poured out my feelings in; it might sound a little all over the place but thats how i feel this disorder is, all over the place and it is so embarrassing and shameful to think we have brought this to ourselves!


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