Veggies with a twist

18 Oct

Its really good to make it a habit to start snacking on veggies instead of a packet of crisps or some biscuit. But even the healthiest of us sometimes simply. Get. Bored. If having the same celery or carrot sticks staring at us from a dull plate.

The trick is to spice things up a bit, give your veggies a twist to make them difference, something that will keep you itching till you actually find out how it tastes like. It can be buying a new veggie you’ve never tried before from the grocery store or simply adding dips and seasonings to your normal everyday vegetables.

1.) carrot or celery sticks dipped in peanut butter

2.) carrot seasoned with some cayenne pepper

3 ) spinach sticks with lemon juice from a fresh lemon

4.) celery sticks with a side of dates or raisins

5.) cucumbers with a dip of cottage cheese

6.) shredded carrots and cabbage sprinkled with some raisins, almost a substitute for noodles which you can also enjoy with chopsticks!

These are only a few of the ideas i usually do to my veggies, and it has really helped me make vegetables a bigger part of my diet!
You don’t have to force yourselves to eat the things you despise, you just have to turn them around, change them up to make them snacks that you will be craving the next day.


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