15 Oct

It’s been a long time since i’v posted about excercise; and it really is something vital for anyone who is trying to have a healthy lifestylr you need to understand how important excercise really is!

Starting your day with a good workout really makes me so much more energetic throughout the day; it wakes me up and apart from the way i feel; scientifically; it boosts up your metabolism from the beginning of the day, making you burn more calories throughout the day. That way you can add in a few more HEALTHY snacks throughout the day without feeling guilty.

Starting a gym membership is a great way to start, or even finding a home workout that you can make a habit to repeat every morning before you get preoccupied by the troubles of the day that are waiting for you.

Exercise melts fat, exercise builds muscle. Muscle increases metabolism, and a higher metabolism means youbutn calories faster!
You will feel so much better after a workout, less tired and in general more happy – its actually scientifically proven! And there is literally no excuse to say no! If the gym is too far; go run in the park. If it’s raining, exercise at home. Find the workout that suits you best and make it a habit that you won’t ever regret!


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