“Soar on raw” why turning raw is great!

14 Oct

I always roll my eyes whenever i hear of the new diets being created, littering the media day by day and brainwashing people to think that they must abuse their body’s and minds in order to have the “best beach body”
But when i heard about raw eating and seeing the positive effects and changed it has had on people, it’s not about the way you look but the way you feel and the energy you get!

Eirini loucaides, a wonderful english teacher in my school publishedher new book “soar on raw” as she guides us through her journey of being a raw food eater, full of recipes to die for that will boost your energy making you feel powerful throughout your whole day!

So why go raw? It has been scientifically proven that if you heat any food over 48 degrees – the magic number – it will loose all its nutrients, whats the point of putting all these empty calories in your stomach only to make you feel bloated and make your body waste all its energy tryimg to break down all these foods. When eating raw food, everything is still fresh just as nature intended, miss loucaides shared that only her breakfast, wether its some fresh fruits fresh from the trees, will give her so much more energy to get through a whole day at school with frustrating students as well as 2 kids back at home. This is apart from the fact that it made her look so much more healthy, glowing and ‘alive’ as well as helping her loose weight after pregnancy WITHOUT starving herself.

Miss loucaides told me her main advice is balance! You can go 80% raw and still enjoy your night out with your friends, or a hot meal during winter every now and then.

Attending the “soar on raw” book launch really opened my eyes to this amazing lifestyle, and trying out some of the delicious recipes in the book made me realize that being raw has so many varieties of food that you cam get creative and enjoy; especially for new raw eaters, this book is a great encouragement and help 🙂

Also feel free to contact eirini loucaides; she’s so enthusiastic to speak to newby raw eaters, check out her website http://www.soaronraw.com to be surprised by the amazing effects raw eating can have on people 🙂

20131012-123435 PM.jpg

20131012-123411 PM.jpg

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