Black eyed bean salad

13 Oct

20131012-090209 AM.jpg

Yet another black eyed bean recipe, perfect for all you vegans who are trying to find all those secret foods full of protein that you can get!

Well i’v got good news for you, beans actually have more protein than meats and chicken and contain amino acids our body cant produce, and there’s also such a wide variety from black eyed beans, white, black, red kidney beans; the choices are endless and delicious!!

Add your well cooked black eyed beans on a bed of:
Baby spinach

Season with some juicy lemons.
Enjoy with a scrambled egg on the side (i used olive oil spray) pr a boiled egg.
And finally some diced tomatoes to give it the final taste and juicyness.

I think this is a pretty filling and generous meal. It has so many ingredients and aspects that you wont get bored, but if you zoom in, each ingredient will give you awesome nitrients! So if you’re feeling hungry and wont be satisfied by a lousy green salad, go try this out instead 🙂


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