Black eyed bean dip

12 Oct

20131011-064548 AM.jpg

A usual dip i always like to have; is hummous. But i wanted to try something new, something that will also gove you great nutrients and plenty of protein, something that can go well with any veggies or fruits for a great dip for lunch or a snack.

Black eyed beans was the answer; staring back at me as i opened the cupboard.
I lovee black eyed beans, and thought, why not make a great dip out of them?

Start off by soaking the beans in water for around 10 hours (overnight) then boil until they become very soft.

My advice for making normal black eyed beans are the softer they are the better they taste, so be patient and soak+ boil them for as long as you can. Then add the beans to a blender and pulse until pureed. Squeeze some honey, and you can even chop up some parsley and mix it in, i left mine with just honey.

Enjoy it with some cucumber, celery and carrot sticks.


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