Date a berry salad

11 Oct

When you pass through your favourate restaurant, knowing you’re not actually going there to eat is the hardest thing ever! I personally remember my. Favourate dish i always order at that restaurant and try and go there the next weekend to satisfy my killer cravings!

Now funnily enough, my favourate dish at my favourate restaurant is a forest fruit salad! And although no-one can top the lovely juiciness of the restaurant, i decided to make my own version which im guessing contains a lot less calories.

3 dates
Handfull of mixed berries
Mixed leaves (rocket/lettuce/celery)
4 walnut halves

You can also add some pears if you like, or cucumbers if you fancy something less sweet!
With no dressing, the berries give the salad a strong taste and you dont feel the need to add any dressing so lower calories and still absolutely “temptational”

20131009-071421 AM.jpg


2 Responses to “Date a berry salad”

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