Egg anari and tomato pizza

9 Oct

I’v been trying to add eggs back into my diet if you havent noticed; and so this is something new i came up with instead of a cheese sandwhich; so muxh healthier and also a great source of protein!

I had it for lunch and it was so light yet so filling; it gave me the right amount of energy for my brain to wale up and study a full 4 hours of biology without feeling tired or hungry; but also without feeling that bloating and after lunch nap that sometimes you feel the urge to have!

1 egg white (you can use 2 if you like)
1/2 tomato (cut in rings)
3-4 slices of anari cheese

I sprayed a little bit of olive oil in a pan and added the egg white, it really became smooth just like a tortilla and was so easy and simple!

I topped it off with the cheese and tomato! Its literally that simple!

Anari cheese is a traditional cypriot cheese and if you love cheese like me; its a great choice as it’s a lot healthier than other yellow cheeses and it tastes sooooo delicious! Especially with tomatoes.

20131007-081728 PM.jpg


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