Chicken rocket wraps

8 Oct

20131004-035356 PM.jpg

Its that time of year where I’m going to my duke of Ed expedition. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an award that involves you doing many activities such as sports/ skills and volunteering throughout the year as well as an expedition that goes on for 1-4 days depending on which level you are on; i’m finally doing my gold expedition and this weekend went to my practice hike for one night.

Hiking is a great way of exercise and with so many kilometres we have to cover we need to make sure we get enough fuel; especially glucose to gove us that energy straight away!

Except for lots of carrots and celery sticks, plenty of high energy bars, and lots of tuna and dried nuts; i took this wrap with me for the first day; to give me plenty of energy but at the same time not make me feel like i’m bloated and need a nap!

One tortilla wrap
Celery sticks (choped into thin sticks)
Roast chicken (you can use leftover)

Sorry for the wrapped up picture, it looks much more appetizing unwrapped 😉


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