Salivating for salad

4 Oct

Sorry about the title but i couldn’t help myself. Because its true! After actually appreciating salads and knowing that there are endless combinations of vegetables and natural ingredients just waiting to be discovered by you; salads are basically an art, and i wanted to share two of my most recent salads i had this week 🙂

A good tip i would strongly recommend is having everything ready, washed and cut in the fridge. This week we had some grated cabbage at home as well as other green vegetables like lettuce, cut up celery sticks, mint, baby spinach and parsley. And it really made a huge difference because all you have to do is mix everything in a plate. NO EXCUSES!!

Salad 1: green mix and lemon salad

Celery, lettuce, mint, pinch of parsley, cabbage and some flaked almonds. With juice of half a lemon
I had it with some cheese and crackers on the side.

Salad 2: leftover hoi sin roast salad

If you’re q meat lover and want your protein this is the perfect salad for you, just mix some cabbage, lettuce, carrots and the roast! And i dressed it with 2 teaspoons of hoi sin sauce. This is my favourate sauce in the worked. It is soooo good! Its very strong in flavour so even if its not the healthiest thing it really doesn’t make a huge difference just make sure you dont over-indulge.

Hope you guys enjoy your salads, and don’t be scared to be creative!

20131002-035413 PM.jpg

20131002-035402 PM.jpg


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