Raspberry porridge

2 Oct

It’s finally that time of year where you get to wake up in the morning being welcomes by cold chills and frozen feet, you get to cuddle up in your warm blanket and want to sleep in for ‘5 more minuets’
After a very long summer, I’m so thrilled to actually sometimes be able to use the word ‘cold’ and so im going to welcome this new season with my favourate breakfast which i’ll probably be having every morning!

I cant emphasize enough how amazingly super oats and portidge are, like people who dont eat oats YOURE MISSING OUT BIG TIME!!! Its just so filling and also really low in calories and dont go using the excuse that it tastes disgusting because you can change and enhance its flavour to whatever your taste buds are feeling like having!

Wether its bananas, honey, raspberries, peanut butter, raisins, coconut flakes, dark chocolate, flaked almonds and nuts, cinammon…. And thats just from the top of my head!!

I use about 3 tablespoons of oats with some boiling water, i add the water gradually so that i make sure the porridge stays nice and thick, then i pour it over the raspberries which melt because of the heat and give it that georgeous pink colour 🙂 top it off with some drizzles of honey and YUM YUM YUM!!!

If you dont usually have porridge for breakfast, try it!! You will fall in love eventually 🙂

20130928-125001 PM.jpg


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