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Cold, post-gym meal, and milk.

31 Oct

It’s getting cold. Which means when i get back from the gym and have a shower all i want to do is snuggle up in my pyjamas, read a book and sleep.

But that’s no excuse for skipping your post-workout meal; and making it a good one to make sure you make your best of your workout!

I need to up my calcium intake and so i thought a glass of milk was a great choice! But it’s cold so that gave me the excuse to warm it up – making it all nice and frothy! And ofcourse sprinkling lots of cinnamon, And enjoy it with some chocolate oat biscuits dipped in.

It was so relaxing! Milk does make you more relaxed and so is great to have at night, i went to sleep like a baby, without feeling bloated at all! 🙂

So enjoy your cup of warm milk after the gym, it’s good for you and your bones!

20131030-065300 am.jpg


Egg, Banana peanut butter melt

30 Oct

This breakfast made me feel the same as if when i was 5 with a huge slice of chocolate cake sitting in front of me that i can dive into and end up with chocolate cream all over my face but feel so satisfied after.

Start off breaking 2 egg whites into a pan with a slight spray of olive oil, sprinkle some cinnamon during or after cooking.

Have half a frozen banana ready from the night before, better if cut up in rings and place in the middle of the egg whites after cooked, add a teaspoon or two of organic peanut butter.

Wrap the egg whites in half and will gradually melt pb and banana. Yumnessss!

Great protein breakfast!

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My favorite bars!

29 Oct

20131027-062658 pm.jpg

20131027-062738 pm.jpg

Bars are a great craving killer as well as a snack stopper. Something that will stop your rumbling stomach as well as give you energy to keep going.

They are also very convenient for busy days where you know you wont go home, its great to keep a few in your bag.

Another great thing is there’s so many bars out there that are full of different benefits, and you can choose something that will suit you personally.

These are a few of my favorite bars which i always have:

All natural:
With 4 choices of flavors my favorite two are the orange and blue, full of dried fruits, buckwheat and different nuts, they’re a great 200 calorie snack.

Nature valley:
I used to always get these, but can’t get them anymore unfortunately 😦 they are amazing dipped in some tea and especially when you’re craving something crunchy. I love the honey and oats flavor.

Jordan’s cranberry:
These are the lowest calorie choice, only 110 calories, they are the perfect bar to satisfy that sweet tooth.

These are my favorite bars, and i wrote this just to share with all of you not for advertising reasons or anything else 🙂

Grated carrot salad

28 Oct

20131027-060947 pm.jpg

I was actually craving a salad for lunch today but wanted to add a bit of dressing to it today. As usual the best thing is to choose something with a very strong taste, that way you can use less for a stronger flavour.

I used some fresh lemon juice and half a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.

Grated carrots and cucumbers mixed with lettuce and celery.

Just that simple! I liked the fact that everything was grated, it was different than the conventional salads which usually have big crunchy pieces.

You can finally top it off with some protein, either chicken roast/ fish/ or some low fat cheese.

Raw carrot cake bars.

27 Oct

These are sooooo addictive! And they take like 5 minuets to make and you can just enjoy them either with a big of yogurt or on their own to give you energy!

And they’re RAW!!!

1/2 cup of dates
1/2 cup walnuts
Handful shredded coconut
1 cup grated carrots
Seeds (pumpkin/ sunflower)

Add walnuts in blender and pulse till it becomes like paste, add dates and coconut, pulse! Finally add carrots, pulse one more time till everything is well mixed.
Spread on a plate/ baking tray and sprinkle with seeds.

Keep in the fridge and you can enjoy like cake. Don’t make too much because its sooo hard to stop eating the whole batch! SOO GOOOD!!!

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Anorexia nervosa

26 Oct

I have been coming across a lot of articles and Instagram pages as well as thousands of posts on tumblr about eating disorders.
Ifs something that i always knew existed obviously but it was just there. This past week it really shocked me and Madame really angry that so many people have to suffer with such horrible pressure and fear throughout their whole lives which isn’t even necessary!

We talk about fear and although it is never something someone wants to feel sometimes its for a good reason; it may keep us safe or cautious from specific stuff but fear with no reason instilled by lie after lie, and peer pressure, is just a big tragedy!!

It made me extremely sad that all the girls i found with anorexia recovery pages online were only 11 or 12; its crazy that their lives have been taken away from them by this illness and they have to put so much energy into trying to fight it.

Although i try to sty healthy, always watch my calories and make sure i exercise, i don’t want it to control me but rather me control it! Yes being healthy is great but guys please make sure you are doing it for the right reasons! When you want to eat eat!! Don’t think about it, food is a part of our natural mechanism, it’s not a modern invention that has been created! We need food and the most important thing is to work on your life, your future.

Also so many people who are trying to recover from anorexia; it must be really hard; our brains are such a complicated twisted thing and our feelings may feel out of our control; but in the end it is our selves that control our bodies; you can do it if you put all your energy into it! Listen to yourself because i believe you are the only person that can change anything; not what anyone else tells you, or forces you to do.

That was another one of my quick, brain emptying posts that i literally just poured out my feelings in; it might sound a little all over the place but thats how i feel this disorder is, all over the place and it is so embarrassing and shameful to think we have brought this to ourselves!

Enjoy your pasta and stay healthy!

26 Oct

20131026-092829 am.jpg

Pasta. The sound of it usually makes me think it is a big fat “no no” for a healthy diet. Very starchy and full of carbs, sounds like quite a fattening food for me, especially when accompanied with sauces, and eating a huge mountain ofnit kn your plate.

Secret no. 1:
Go brown!!! Whole wheat pasta! Higher in fibre and trust me tastes so much better. It feels more like real food, without being so processed!

Secret no. 2:
A bed of lettuce!
This fills up your plate before even piling on the pasta, that way you’ll only feel the need to add a little bit of pasta to your dish and therefore get just the right amount of carbs you need as well as an addition of great fresh greens.

Secret no.3
You choice of ‘dressing’
Choose a good source of protein that will keep you full, no sauces full of fat and butter that will add nothing good to your diet, you can add chicken, meat cooked in olive oil spray, tuna, shrimps, be creative but don’t overdo it!

Secret no. 3
No cheese? I personally am able to enjoy my pasta without sprinkling grated cheese on top, but even that is possible, choose something low fat with a strong taste that will only need a little to make a big difference! My personal favorite is halloumi cheese!

Hope that helps all you crazy loving pasta peeps.

Fish fillet dinner.

24 Oct

20131024-064333 am.jpg

Something a little different from what i’v been posting lately; perhaps a little more compatible with the atmosphere outside. The violent whistles of the wind and the fear of imminent rain washing over us any second, the only food that can give you a sense of satisfaction is something nice and warm!

Now with hot food, its alot harder to be on the healthy side, it also seem to make you more bloated and therefore you should really be careful when dishing and make sure you have the exact right portion!

One fish fillet place in oven with olive oil spray or boil!

Add some cooked spinach on the side, some raw diced apples and a side of some mixed greens to give you the “fullness” as well as nutrients from your veggies!

Heathy Chili Chicken carrot and quinoa!

23 Oct

Seafood salad

22 Oct


20131022-063956 am.jpg

Fish is a great source of omega 3, it contains healthy fats and is also a great idea if protein ti add in your salads, as it goes great with all kinds of green veggies!

Now these baby shrimps have been sitting in iur freezer for a good 2 weeks my mum having no idea what to do with them, so i decided to give it a go, and make a sushi inspired salad!

Start off by chopping some rocket and lettuce, one cucumber and drizzle with lemon and a hint if soya sauce.

Boil baby shrimps on a stove for about 10 minuets, i added lemon pieces to the water boiling to give it an even better taste.

add some crab sticks (2 sticks) sprinkled on top and mix everything together.

Make the best of your seafood meals!