What drugs did to our world…

28 Sep

I’m not TOO into writing articles about ethical issues like smoking/drugs because i feel like most of us are aware of what’s going on, and there really is no point of putting the same context in different words to make people understand their bad effects.

But the reason i chose to write this article is not to raise awareness (which obviously if you don’t know what drugs are and the effects they have GOOGLE IT!) but because i just had a moment of ‘epiphany’ during class while someone was presenting a project about today’s anti-role models in the media.

Each of us had to choose a celebrity who got attention for the wrong reasons, and although it wasn’t very surprising, nearly every single one of my classmates had chosen someone who’s life was perfect, they were bright, clever, funny, smart and had such good opportunities in life that so many people dream of, and with the snap of a finger, everything was gone, and what do they have to live for now? literally nothing.

I’m not blaming the people who are actually facing these problems, i can’t put myself in their shoes, and i understand because of pressure or any good reason, they fell into this black hole of addiction. I’m just blaming drugs. i know it’s sort of stupid, but what a stupid thing to have been invented?

Think of all the money wasted that could have gone to feed hungry children.

Think of all the lives taken away; the future of all these people just vanished!

The person who had the biggest impact on me was the famous Macaulay Culkin; from home alone, he just had so much charisma, sense of humor and was so successful from such a young age; if drugs didn’t exist he could have had an amazing future and could have impacted so many people in a positive way.

So, that’s just me, pouring my thoughts out into the public, let me know your opinions!


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