Apple and cinnamon dip

27 Sep

What is the first thing you think of when you hear “dip” nachos and guacamole with melted cheddar cheese and sour cream? Pshhhh more like crunchy apple and cinammon yogurt dip!! An i right? Or am i right?

This really is a perfect sweet mini snack/party finger food with some close friends or just something you can munch on while watching tv

The best thing about it is you know exactly what has gone in it

Fruit? Check!
Lovely juicy and crunchy apples are the best fruit i think for a good thing to dip, theyre also very filling and only 100 calories for a big apple! You can cut them in thin slices so it takes longer to eat and enjoy

Greek yogurt (low fat) probably one of the healthiest and in my opinion most delicious dairy products! I watered it down abit so it becomes a tiny bit more liquidy and dippy but if you like it thick you can keep it as it is 🙂

Flavour? Oh yes!
Cinnamoooooooooon!! Thats all i can say, in absolutely addicted to that stuff and how much flavour it adds to anything and goes great with apples!! Add some cinnamon into your yogurt and stir well

Then dip the apples into the yogurt cinnamon mixture and forget about those yucky unhealthy tortillas!

20130924-082320 PM.jpg


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