All about CARBS!

22 Sep

I just love it when i learn stuff in my biology a-level class that i can actually use in my daily fitness and health life, and what’s better motivation than starting the year with the chapter all about health and nutrients! (I actually gave a little squeak of excitement when the teacher mentioned that)


So carbohydrates! Something i’m used to reading ALOT of bad things about all over the internet. Hundreds of diet-plans and health and fitness websites make this vital macronutrient a devil that i have been used to ‘hating’ and trying to avoid as much as possible. Only after realizing that any diet which completely takes away a vital food source (e.g no carb/ no protein diets) is a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad idea, did i go back to making sure carbohydrates are a part of my balanced diet. BUT WHY?


Carbohydrates are a complex compound which when broken down turns into glucose in our body and therefore is a vital source of energy! Starch for example is made up of



These two compounds are both made up of glucose molecules. The only difference is amylose is a spiral and has only two ends for enzymes to break it down and therefore releases glucose SLOWLY. and amylopectin has many branches and is broken down much QUICKER. RESULT?

if you have a good source of starchy food before a work-out, you get all the glucose energy you need WHILE working out from the breaking down of amylopectin, and then a gradual supply of glucose by the amylose to keep you going for longer and for your muscles to use AFTER a workout!

So, my main point of this article is not some boring science lesson but these main points:

1.) Do your research and don’t listen to any random diet you see and starve yourself!

2.) Make sure you have a BALANCED diet, full of all the vital macro and micronutrients. YOUR BODY NEEDS IT!

3.)CARBS ARE GOOD FOR YOU! especially before a heavy-workout!

4.)Science is amazing at explaining everything and making you go “ahhh!” (or at least i think it is)


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