Does eating out HAVE to ruin my diet plan?!

19 Sep

If you’re a social butterfly like me; you would know that going out is basically inevitable with your group of friends or even family; and it may seem to you like if you’re part of a strict diet it may become an obsession to know exactly what has gone into your food and exactly how many calories or grams of fat it contains. I have one thing to tell you; STOP AND RELAX!


Dieting and eating healthy is a great choice of life; but instead of letting it burden you; you have to make sure it is something that is not setting up more locks into the little freedom human beings already have; but setting you free from them. And the first way to try and do that is to act just like everyone else; if you feel like you want to eat out once a week or check out the new restaurant everybody has been going on about then ITS OKAY to have a day off. The worst thing to do is regret it later!

Having said that; it’s also really helpful having a few cute restaurants or cafe’s that you really know make healthy; wholesome foods with no – yucky fast food stuff in them.

I have a place here in my small town which i LOVE LOVE LOVE; and although it’s not a super “vegetarian” or “organic” restaurant, screaming ‘healthy!’ from every corner. It’s a place where i know what I’m going to be eating; it’s going to be nutritious and you’ll get what you’re told; a good old chicken wrap; a nice salad with no dressing or some delicious homemade burgers.


So; go out! investigate! and you’ll be surprised at how many lovely places you’ll be able to take your friends to and enjoy a great meal without having to regret it later 🙂 996813_10201464934878037_790604428_n


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