11 Sep

yes, i am aware the title of this article isn’t an actual word but oh well…IM BACK IN THE GYM! and it feels so great!

If you’ve noticed a decrease in the posts lately it’s because school has started again; and with the load of homework; projects and shock at how stressful a-levels are; the good thing is i’m finally back on schedule and that means back to the gym everyday!

Going back there and feeling like i’m back on track has made me think of the pros and con’s of going to the gym!

I was debating wether to actually start a membership or not and so i’m gonna share why i eventually did and wether i regret my choice.

last year my working out was always jogging in the outdoors but that came with its own consequences: sun (when you live in cyprus) and rain if you’re in a cold country. You can’t really go at any time of the day but when i do go jogging outdoors i feel much more free and can keep running without feeling the time ticking by in front of me on a screen!

But with the cyprus heat; especially for the next few months i really needed another choice and my two options were either buying a treadmill in my room; when its right next to you; you’ll automatically use it all the time! or a gym membership; which came out to be cheaper in the longish run and also provides many more machines; as well as the need to go to the gym because you feel bad that you’ve payed for it and once you’re there everyone else sweating it out will make you even more motivated 🙂  

so far; going to the gym has been great this week; i’v found the motivation to go and i ended up doing so much more than any other outdoor jog or work out; and burning a lot more calories. I guess each person has to find exactly what suits them and then make sure they turn it into a habit; because if you don’t NOTHING will work!


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