Chicken, Red bean and Blue cheese wrap!

5 Sep

IMG_0357 IMG_0354


You may or may not have realized my obsession with tortilla rolls; sorry but they are SO AMAZING AND EASY to make! also the fact that they’re really thin means you’re eating less carbs but still feeling the great satisfaction you get after eating a sandwich.

So trying to go a little more to the mexican side this time i added some yellow and red peppers, red kidney beans; you can also add avocado although quite high in calories are very good for your health.

Blue cheese is one of my favorites; and although i’v been made fun of and seen as ‘utterly out of my mind’ i continue to have it and enjoy it every time; so if you’re not a very big fan of it; you can use any other kind of cheese; the reason i like blue cheese is that you have to use just a little bit and will still get a strong flavor and therefore less fat and less calories 😉


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