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Cottage cheese roll ups

29 Sep

This is the easiest and yummiest thing ever, i really wouldn’t mind having it as my lunch everyday.

So all you need is:
A tortilla wrap
Cottage cheese
(Optional) celery

Cover the tortilla wrap with some cottage cheese and small chopped peices of celery and roll tightly, enjoy with some cucumber strips on the side:)

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What drugs did to our world…

28 Sep

I’m not TOO into writing articles about ethical issues like smoking/drugs because i feel like most of us are aware of what’s going on, and there really is no point of putting the same context in different words to make people understand their bad effects.

But the reason i chose to write this article is not to raise awareness (which obviously if you don’t know what drugs are and the effects they have GOOGLE IT!) but because i just had a moment of ‘epiphany’ during class while someone was presenting a project about today’s anti-role models in the media.

Each of us had to choose a celebrity who got attention for the wrong reasons, and although it wasn’t very surprising, nearly every single one of my classmates had chosen someone who’s life was perfect, they were bright, clever, funny, smart and had such good opportunities in life that so many people dream of, and with the snap of a finger, everything was gone, and what do they have to live for now? literally nothing.

I’m not blaming the people who are actually facing these problems, i can’t put myself in their shoes, and i understand because of pressure or any good reason, they fell into this black hole of addiction. I’m just blaming drugs. i know it’s sort of stupid, but what a stupid thing to have been invented?

Think of all the money wasted that could have gone to feed hungry children.

Think of all the lives taken away; the future of all these people just vanished!

The person who had the biggest impact on me was the famous Macaulay Culkin; from home alone, he just had so much charisma, sense of humor and was so successful from such a young age; if drugs didn’t exist he could have had an amazing future and could have impacted so many people in a positive way.

So, that’s just me, pouring my thoughts out into the public, let me know your opinions!

Apple and cinnamon dip

27 Sep

What is the first thing you think of when you hear “dip” nachos and guacamole with melted cheddar cheese and sour cream? Pshhhh more like crunchy apple and cinammon yogurt dip!! An i right? Or am i right?

This really is a perfect sweet mini snack/party finger food with some close friends or just something you can munch on while watching tv

The best thing about it is you know exactly what has gone in it

Fruit? Check!
Lovely juicy and crunchy apples are the best fruit i think for a good thing to dip, theyre also very filling and only 100 calories for a big apple! You can cut them in thin slices so it takes longer to eat and enjoy

Greek yogurt (low fat) probably one of the healthiest and in my opinion most delicious dairy products! I watered it down abit so it becomes a tiny bit more liquidy and dippy but if you like it thick you can keep it as it is 🙂

Flavour? Oh yes!
Cinnamoooooooooon!! Thats all i can say, in absolutely addicted to that stuff and how much flavour it adds to anything and goes great with apples!! Add some cinnamon into your yogurt and stir well

Then dip the apples into the yogurt cinnamon mixture and forget about those yucky unhealthy tortillas!

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Rasberry-orange and green tea smoothie!

26 Sep

20130921-034646 PM.jpg

This smoothie is inspired by my favourate drink i get from cafe nero and so i decided to make a lovely refreshing smoothie and knowing exactly what went inside it!

1 large orange (squeezed)
1/4 cup raspberries
1 cup green tea
Ice cubes

First make your green tea and leave it in fridge to cool; squeeze your orange and add everything into a blender; pulse, and pour in a glass and enjoy!

Cottage cheese and peach!

24 Sep

20130921-034211 PM.jpg

Cottage cheese is probably the healthiest and leaat calorie-dense cheese i have come across, with only 100 calories per serving, it really is a perfect choice for all you cheese lovers!

The thing that amazes me the most about cottage cheese is its versatility, you can have it in a wrap or inside a sandwhich as a light lunch or with some fruit or honey as a sweet snack!

I had some cottage cheese with some chopped peaches and it really filled me up and was a great snack!

I’d love to hear even more lovely cottage cheese ideas 🙂

Black eyed beans and feta cheese – a protein lesson for vegans!!

23 Sep

20130921-033417 PM.jpg

This is a post mainly for all you vegans and vegetarians out there!
Lets take it from the start.
If youre trying to loose weight, you need to burn calories
If you want to burn more calories, you need a high metabolism
If you want to increase your metabolism, you need more muscle mass
Muscles food is protein
No protein = no muscles

Now a lot of people may say vegans cant get all the amino acids they need. Well i have some good news!
There are so many meatless non-animal related completely organic foods that are a great source of protein!!

1. Quinoa
2. Soya beans
3. Tofu
4. Nuts
5. Beans

And thats just from the top of my head!

So lets go for my favourate black eyed beans! They are just sooo delicious! They smell amazing and are full full full of health benefits!

I usually have them with chopped tomatoes and squeezed lemon juice; this time i wanted a little change and added some greek feta cheese; not too much as cheese is very fat dense.

All about CARBS!

22 Sep

I just love it when i learn stuff in my biology a-level class that i can actually use in my daily fitness and health life, and what’s better motivation than starting the year with the chapter all about health and nutrients! (I actually gave a little squeak of excitement when the teacher mentioned that)


So carbohydrates! Something i’m used to reading ALOT of bad things about all over the internet. Hundreds of diet-plans and health and fitness websites make this vital macronutrient a devil that i have been used to ‘hating’ and trying to avoid as much as possible. Only after realizing that any diet which completely takes away a vital food source (e.g no carb/ no protein diets) is a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad idea, did i go back to making sure carbohydrates are a part of my balanced diet. BUT WHY?


Carbohydrates are a complex compound which when broken down turns into glucose in our body and therefore is a vital source of energy! Starch for example is made up of



These two compounds are both made up of glucose molecules. The only difference is amylose is a spiral and has only two ends for enzymes to break it down and therefore releases glucose SLOWLY. and amylopectin has many branches and is broken down much QUICKER. RESULT?

if you have a good source of starchy food before a work-out, you get all the glucose energy you need WHILE working out from the breaking down of amylopectin, and then a gradual supply of glucose by the amylose to keep you going for longer and for your muscles to use AFTER a workout!

So, my main point of this article is not some boring science lesson but these main points:

1.) Do your research and don’t listen to any random diet you see and starve yourself!

2.) Make sure you have a BALANCED diet, full of all the vital macro and micronutrients. YOUR BODY NEEDS IT!

3.)CARBS ARE GOOD FOR YOU! especially before a heavy-workout!

4.)Science is amazing at explaining everything and making you go “ahhh!” (or at least i think it is)

A nice book and some tea.

21 Sep


I feel like i’m getting way ahead of myself here; this feels to cosy to still be september; but i’v already gotten in that comfortable winter feeling.

And what’s better and more relaxing than some warm cinnamon tea and a great book to get lost in.

I tend to always make myself busy; wether it’s school work; extra activities; gym or volunteering somewhere, i’m the person you would always find running around with a hundred things on her check list to finish by the end of the day; and although i love being a busy bee; it’s vital for EVERYONE to have an hour to themselves; an hour to relax and to just forget about everything.

In the end; this is a health blog; and relaxing is a big part of staying healthy and stress free!

So, make it your aim to find an hour a day to take all your stresses out; it really will help you in the long run; even if you feel like you don’t have the luxury of time! 🙂



20 Sep

I love wraps and i love sushi; so this may be my favorite lunch; like ever!


1 tortilla wrap (you can use a spinach wrap or a wholemeal one for extra health points)

2 small crab sticks

1 cucumber cut in strips

1 small green pepper

romaine lettuce

1/4 avocado

soya sauce


Add everything in your tortilla, and wrap it up! simple as that, dip it in some soya sauce and enjoy!!!1238812_10201464934238021_164320600_n

Does eating out HAVE to ruin my diet plan?!

19 Sep

If you’re a social butterfly like me; you would know that going out is basically inevitable with your group of friends or even family; and it may seem to you like if you’re part of a strict diet it may become an obsession to know exactly what has gone into your food and exactly how many calories or grams of fat it contains. I have one thing to tell you; STOP AND RELAX!


Dieting and eating healthy is a great choice of life; but instead of letting it burden you; you have to make sure it is something that is not setting up more locks into the little freedom human beings already have; but setting you free from them. And the first way to try and do that is to act just like everyone else; if you feel like you want to eat out once a week or check out the new restaurant everybody has been going on about then ITS OKAY to have a day off. The worst thing to do is regret it later!

Having said that; it’s also really helpful having a few cute restaurants or cafe’s that you really know make healthy; wholesome foods with no – yucky fast food stuff in them.

I have a place here in my small town which i LOVE LOVE LOVE; and although it’s not a super “vegetarian” or “organic” restaurant, screaming ‘healthy!’ from every corner. It’s a place where i know what I’m going to be eating; it’s going to be nutritious and you’ll get what you’re told; a good old chicken wrap; a nice salad with no dressing or some delicious homemade burgers.


So; go out! investigate! and you’ll be surprised at how many lovely places you’ll be able to take your friends to and enjoy a great meal without having to regret it later 🙂 996813_10201464934878037_790604428_n