First time at surgery

19 Aug

This is one of those posts that has nothing to do with health, but ironically it actually does as i got the opportunity to attend surgeries for a week at a hospital!

I’m hoping to study medicine and this was something i’v always wanted to see in real life; and apart from EVERYONE thinking i was going to faint from the first second I DIDNT! In fact, i loved it and it’s such a relief to know that i can honestly say i want to do medicine and let’s just hope that it’s for me 🙂

After having this experience i realized how important it is for any teenagers like me reading this to actually go out and find some experience anywhere of something you think you want to do for the rest of your life, it will really give you great perspective, you might find out that specific job is not for you or you might end up loving it even more than you do; like me! and personally it really made me so much more motivated to work hard and get to my goal!

So what i did for a whole week at surgeries that I’m probably too underaged to see on t.v?

Shadowing doctors is pretty fun; they were all extremely helpful explaining all the steps they were taking, the medicine they were using and the different effects and risks it has on the body.

Concerning my blog and healthy eating, i observed a few tummy tucks and lyposuctions and it really made me understand that being healthy and fit is so vital and worth every ounce of work! Seeing the fat cells in real life is quite vile and i would have loved to see the difference between someone with a lot of body fat and someone with a lot of muscle but unfortunately i didn’t get the chance.

All in all; the human body is something Out of our imagination, you really can’t understand until you see whats inside how complicated our anatomy is; its just amazing! 1157687_10201244221720346_241019595_n


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