15 MINUET: easy and healthy chinese chicken and veggies

15 Aug



The perfect healthy stir-fry.


Whole wheat pasta

Plenty of your favorite vegetables (i used carrots, peppers, corn, and some frozen mixture of green beans and peas)


2 chicken breasts cut in thin strips

soya sauce (2 tablespoons)

cayenne pepper

black pepper


Use olive oil spray to spray your pan and add the chicken strips till they are cooked, then add in the onions and the vegetables, keep mixing until everything is cooked and add the cayenne and black pepper and soya sauce.

In a separate pan boil the pasta, after it is boiled add to the chicken and vegetables.

I hope you enjoy it as much as me and my friend did, its the perfect dish to cook with your friends, family or kids because its easy and you can give each person to do different jobs like grate the carrots or cut the chicken and it’s also a perfect way to get as many veggies as possible into your diet as well as the chicken which is a great source of protein!




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