Healthy and delicious Spinach tortilla Salmon wraps

3 Aug

These are my absolute favorite healthy meal i have ever done, i think I’m going to print this picture and stick it on my wall…or maybe not. 

I had something similar while i was on holiday and really wanted to re-create it adding my own special features and most importantly making it as easy as possible so that literally anyone can do it at home! 

I used spinach tortillas, they taste DELISH, and they are healthier, these were homemade and the recipe will be in my next post 🙂 

The wrap: 

Smoked Salmon 

one tablespoon light philadelphia cheese 

1/2 finely chopped cucmber in thin lines 

handful of spinach 

a few lettuce leaves 


all fresh and simple ingredients, roll it up and enjoy! Image


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