Refreshing Healthy Ice-tea

1 Aug


This is the best thing to sip on while watching T.V; fill up you water bottle in before you go to the beach, or just enjoy with a nice sandwich or salad for lunch while you’re sitting under the hot burning august sun.

August has made it appearance, promising to give us the darkest tans we’ve ever had here in cyprus, with the sun shining and melting our faces off all through the day, all you need is to keep hydrated! You have to remember that water and liquids are something vital; you must keep drinking especially during the summer, lots of water is great for your skin and will keep you from ‘thinking’ you are hungry when you’re actually only thirsty.

Although i do love water, sometimes i need something with a little more taste, and while during the winter this is endless mugs of green tea, in the summer i finally found something just as healthy but cold cold cold!

Make some of your favorite tea the way you usually would. Add one teaspoon of natural fructose fruit sugar (i got mine from holland and barrett) get creative by adding mint leaves, lemon, or cinnamon.

place in fridge till cold enough to drink, ( i use one teabag to make around 3 mugs as i don’t like my tea very ‘strong’ and that way the sugar is less concentrated)



One Response to “Refreshing Healthy Ice-tea”

  1. mvjoyb August 5, 2013 at 11:02 am #

    If you like Green Tea, you’ll love this article

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