Sugar Substitutes

28 Jul

Sugar may seem to be the “life-giver” to any of our favorite desert, but at the same time it’s what turns an unhealthy treat into one that you will regret forever. But we can use an endless list of other healthier sweeteners that will make our cookies and cakes taste just as good without having to live with the consequences that come with it.

My most used sweetener is natural honey and although still high in calories; calories are not the enemy. Honey is sweeter than sugar and you need less of it to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, it’s also very beneficial and having one teaspoon of honey a day should actually be part of a healthy diet!

Natural fruit Fructose. I bought this while i was in the UK from holland and barrett, i got really excited when i saw it because it wasn’t very expensive and it’s natural sugar that comes from fruit! so it’s much less fattening and much more sweet! I haven’t tried it yet, but can’t wait to use some next time i make a bunch of cookies!


Carob. This is also something i only found out about a few months ago and really excited me, it has a little bit of a stronger flavor, and can be used in plain cookies or flapjacks and bars to give it that extra flavor!


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