CRUSSH – healthy in london!

26 Jul

When you’re in london surrounded by chinatown, camden town and all these endless restaurants in every side street that you turn, you just become in a dilemma and can’t decide where to eat, there’s so many choices, so many good smells and mouthwatering pictures of food food and food! It really seems impossible to find the time or the motivation to try and eat something healthy,

but this little snack bar found in many parts of london is something thats both healthy but also will not keep your deprived from having the london experience.

i was really lucky as there was a crussh bar a 20 minuet walk from our hotel and so each morning i got in a little bit of exercise and a healthy breakfast to start the day!

perfect for vegans, vegetarians, anything gluten-free and just some lovely and delicious sandwiches and rolls as well as porridge and muesli, but their speciality THE BEST SMOOTHIES I’V EVER HAD šŸ˜€

so, if you’re ever in london, find the closest ‘crussh bar’ and i guarantee you’ll be staring at the sandwiches fridge for over 20 minuets trying to decide which sandwich to get. THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD!


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