THE COLOR RUN- happiest 5k on the planet :)

24 Jul

It was my dream to be part of the color run and as excited as i was, counting down the days till the event, the experience was so much better than i had ever dreamed, i just wanted to stay there, covered in colored powder, loud music, and thousands of people jumping around me for the rest of the day!

If you live next to any city where a color run is taking place, YOU CANT MISS IT!

for those of you who don’t know, the color run is a 5k marathon, all proceeds go to cancer research, but unlike other marathons, hundreds of volunteers are throwing colored powder at you while you’re running and by the end of it, you and your friends are swimming in colors, up your nose, in your ears, down your clothes, i even tasted some in my mouth!

But while you’re there, you really don’t care, the main aim is to get even more colors and just have a laugh!

I was really encouraged to see so many people take part, it was the first color run in london and I’m sure there will be many more as it was such a great success!

This was my first real marathon and i’m sure i will participate in many more, not only is it great exercise, you can also encourage a lot of your friends to go for a good workout if you get a big group to go, but most importantly its always for a great cause!

So my advice, find the nearest marathon in your city, get a bunch of friends, put your training shoes on and prepare to have fun! IMG-20130714-WA002 IMG-20130714-WA004 IMG-20130714-WA007 IMG-20130714-WA012 IMG-20130714-WA015


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