22 Jul

yes. I haven’t posted something in nearly 3 weeks and i was just dreading writing this post full of excuses.

The reason i haven’t posted is because i have been on vacation with my family, but it’s not an excuse.

My plan was to keep a diary of everything i ate and all the restaurants i went to but that didn’t really work out very well seeing as i would wake up at 8 in the morning, run around london like a maniac trying to do as many stuff as possible and get back to the hotel at 12 having no sense of any part of my body. At least i got my exercise in!

So, i thought i’d use this post to tell you what i did on my holidays and then write a few more posts focusing on what i ate, my favorite healthy restaurants and cafes in london, and the color run!!


We landed in leeds two weeks ago and as soon as we stepped out of the airport i should have known that i wasn’t going to get one minuet of rest.

From families and friends that we wanted to catch up with, to the endless shops full of bundles and bundles of sales, the open market that made you feel you’re in a different country from each corner.

I also had the opportunity to visit a few universities which i will post about later in more detail. It was quite scary seeing how soon i’m going to be one of those students living in these very halls and having my seminars in those theaters. But it also made me very excited and as much as i don’t want to get old, i really can’t wait to have my own independence and responsibilities!

SO, that was my holiday in a nutshell, i will share my favorite bits in other posts that really left an impression on me, even though it’s not all ‘healthaholics’ talk, i wanted to post a few personal posts too 🙂 IMG-20130714-WA006 IMG-20130721-WA007 IMG-20130721-WA013 IMG-20130721-WA014



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