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Healthy Salmon and Quinoa Salad

30 Jul

woohooo! i finally finally finally used quinoa!

I can’t believe i have lived 16 years without tasting this amazing natural beacon of awesomeness; but i’v finally joined the club and i am 100% obsessed about quinoa, and i will probably be using it in a few of my following “healthy lunch ideas” posts.

It’s just such a better substitute to rice or any form of carbohydrate, and naturally a substitute should be something a little less delicious but still give you the same taste, but quinoa is just so much better than anything ever made.


This salmon salad has such simple ingredients, doesn’t need any dressing because it tastes great on its own and just full of vegetables, and omega-3 from the fish.


Romainne lettuce



250g cooked salmon (i used olive oil and also added lots of lemon)

2 tablespoons of quinoa

red and green peppers IMG_0047


Sugar Substitutes

28 Jul

Sugar may seem to be the “life-giver” to any of our favorite desert, but at the same time it’s what turns an unhealthy treat into one that you will regret forever. But we can use an endless list of other healthier sweeteners that will make our cookies and cakes taste just as good without having to live with the consequences that come with it.

My most used sweetener is natural honey and although still high in calories; calories are not the enemy. Honey is sweeter than sugar and you need less of it to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, it’s also very beneficial and having one teaspoon of honey a day should actually be part of a healthy diet!

Natural fruit Fructose. I bought this while i was in the UK from holland and barrett, i got really excited when i saw it because it wasn’t very expensive and it’s natural sugar that comes from fruit! so it’s much less fattening and much more sweet! I haven’t tried it yet, but can’t wait to use some next time i make a bunch of cookies!


Carob. This is also something i only found out about a few months ago and really excited me, it has a little bit of a stronger flavor, and can be used in plain cookies or flapjacks and bars to give it that extra flavor!

CRUSSH – healthy in london!

26 Jul

When you’re in london surrounded by chinatown, camden town and all these endless restaurants in every side street that you turn, you just become in a dilemma and can’t decide where to eat, there’s so many choices, so many good smells and mouthwatering pictures of food food and food! It really seems impossible to find the time or the motivation to try and eat something healthy,

but this little snack bar found in many parts of london is something thats both healthy but also will not keep your deprived from having the london experience.

i was really lucky as there was a crussh bar a 20 minuet walk from our hotel and so each morning i got in a little bit of exercise and a healthy breakfast to start the day!

perfect for vegans, vegetarians, anything gluten-free and just some lovely and delicious sandwiches and rolls as well as porridge and muesli, but their speciality THE BEST SMOOTHIES I’V EVER HAD 😀

so, if you’re ever in london, find the closest ‘crussh bar’ and i guarantee you’ll be staring at the sandwiches fridge for over 20 minuets trying to decide which sandwich to get. THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD!

THE COLOR RUN- happiest 5k on the planet :)

24 Jul

It was my dream to be part of the color run and as excited as i was, counting down the days till the event, the experience was so much better than i had ever dreamed, i just wanted to stay there, covered in colored powder, loud music, and thousands of people jumping around me for the rest of the day!

If you live next to any city where a color run is taking place, YOU CANT MISS IT!

for those of you who don’t know, the color run is a 5k marathon, all proceeds go to cancer research, but unlike other marathons, hundreds of volunteers are throwing colored powder at you while you’re running and by the end of it, you and your friends are swimming in colors, up your nose, in your ears, down your clothes, i even tasted some in my mouth!

But while you’re there, you really don’t care, the main aim is to get even more colors and just have a laugh!

I was really encouraged to see so many people take part, it was the first color run in london and I’m sure there will be many more as it was such a great success!

This was my first real marathon and i’m sure i will participate in many more, not only is it great exercise, you can also encourage a lot of your friends to go for a good workout if you get a big group to go, but most importantly its always for a great cause!

So my advice, find the nearest marathon in your city, get a bunch of friends, put your training shoes on and prepare to have fun! IMG-20130714-WA002 IMG-20130714-WA004 IMG-20130714-WA007 IMG-20130714-WA012 IMG-20130714-WA015


22 Jul

yes. I haven’t posted something in nearly 3 weeks and i was just dreading writing this post full of excuses.

The reason i haven’t posted is because i have been on vacation with my family, but it’s not an excuse.

My plan was to keep a diary of everything i ate and all the restaurants i went to but that didn’t really work out very well seeing as i would wake up at 8 in the morning, run around london like a maniac trying to do as many stuff as possible and get back to the hotel at 12 having no sense of any part of my body. At least i got my exercise in!

So, i thought i’d use this post to tell you what i did on my holidays and then write a few more posts focusing on what i ate, my favorite healthy restaurants and cafes in london, and the color run!!


We landed in leeds two weeks ago and as soon as we stepped out of the airport i should have known that i wasn’t going to get one minuet of rest.

From families and friends that we wanted to catch up with, to the endless shops full of bundles and bundles of sales, the open market that made you feel you’re in a different country from each corner.

I also had the opportunity to visit a few universities which i will post about later in more detail. It was quite scary seeing how soon i’m going to be one of those students living in these very halls and having my seminars in those theaters. But it also made me very excited and as much as i don’t want to get old, i really can’t wait to have my own independence and responsibilities!

SO, that was my holiday in a nutshell, i will share my favorite bits in other posts that really left an impression on me, even though it’s not all ‘healthaholics’ talk, i wanted to post a few personal posts too 🙂 IMG-20130714-WA006 IMG-20130721-WA007 IMG-20130721-WA013 IMG-20130721-WA014