my fridge. Tips for healthy fridge.

29 Jun

I believe that your fridge is the main element to decide wether your healthy diet will work or not.

Basically, if you want to help yourself, you don’t want to go buy yourself a bunch of temptations hidden only a few steps away from you.

The first thing half of us do when we’re bored is take a little stroll to the fridge and open it hoping to find something to munch on, and sometimes – at least with me – i do it more than once hoping that by some sort of magic more stuff will appear when i open the fridge the second time.

I wanted to show you guys how my fridge looks like at the moment, it’s not really my fridge its mine and my families so i guess having your own fridge would be awesome but with my parents going on a short holiday i decided to pollute it with loads and loads of fruit 😀


have the fruits washed and in a bowl so you can easily get one and eat it, and never feel lazy to do it at the moment.

Put a few healthy snacks in bags so you will never go for an unhealthy chocolate bar.

have plenty of veggies because you never know what you can mix up creating a delicious salad.



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