nuts for nuts…

21 May

Next to our house there is a little shop that sells nuts, we’ve been living here for nearly 10 years and even though we love nuts as a family, have never gone into this shop!

Finally, i think it was due, me and my dad went to get some almonds. And what we thought would be a 1 minuet trip to the shop ended up being a 30 minuet health lesson.

The owner of the shop, a lovely old man, was, just like me, passionate about everything organic and healthy for our bodies.

All his nuts were unsalted and roasted with no oil, he started explaining to me all the many benefits of nuts as well as whole grains and fresh honey which he personally makes, as if he knew my passion was just like him, to be healthy!!

It became my new favorite destination!

It also became a reminder to me that even though nuts are great snacks as they satisfy you and are full of healthy fats, make sure you read what you’re buying! Don’t let the name fool you, you may be consuming lots of oil or salt without even realizing it!


2 Responses to “nuts for nuts…”

  1. Calli Pappas May 25, 2013 at 2:52 am #

    I’m seriously OBSESSED with nuts! There’s a great shop right by me as well 🙂


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