Herbs and Spices!

19 May

I think that one of the easiest ways to really stick to a diet, is to have everything healthy in moderation and to make your portions smaller. If you try to cut down on things slowly slowly, eventually your body won’t even want or crave these foods anymore.

I never thought it was possible but it really is. Since having lots of small meals boosts up your metabolism, you need to make sure you don’t mount up your plate. This can be really hard, especially if you’re eating with your family and the food is on the table in front of you.

We usually have rice with a lot of things we eat, i started off with eating less rice, by putting less in my plate I automatically felt like i’v finished my meal when my plate becomes empty, if there’s anything extra on my plate I would automatically eat it, so, always put small portions on your plate. Eventually, I got so used to not having rice, I don’t even fancy having it anymore, when having lunch I have much smaller portions and still am satisfied; it’s really helped me as I don’t feel tired after eating or bloated and can go ahead into doing something else straight away.

If you’re having difficulties in maintaining your portions, a great secret is simply adding herbs and spices, wether it’s black pepper or a little bit of chilli or cayenne pepper which melts fat off your stomach, this extra taste added will make you feel satisfied so much quicker.

So help yourself, NEVER starve yourself but slowly teach your body to having more regular meals, keeping your digestive system constantly working and also giving your body plenty of protein and nutrients!


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