Exams Exams Exams. How to get through your exams with no stress!

10 May

The reason I haven’t blogged all week is obviously good old “exams”

Thanks to my great luck, I have the awesome gift of three exams on monday alone, and another 17 exams waiting for me to have a mental breakdown.

Leaving things to last minuet is something I never do, and since this blog is about leading a healthy lifestyle, what better thing to write about then staying stress-free during an exams period.

The main secret is to be pre-organized, have a plan of what you’re going to study and make sure you give yourselves a few days in advance to make sure you even have time to rest.

Change rooms every hour or so, changing atmosphere is always good it will keep you more focused and stop you from fidgeting. Also make sure you get plenty of fresh air and plenty of sleep! Don’t stay up all night studying while your brain is half working.

Get energy, through eating healthy things. Fruits, veggies, fresh orange juice and always have small snacks to keep you going. If you have one big meal you will feel bloated and will not be able to continue studying!

The main thing is, don’t be anxious, just know that you’re doing the best you can and they will all be over soon!IMG_9340


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