The food you hate can be the food you crave!

2 May

Aubergine is my mum, dad’s and sister’s favorite food and although usually they force me to eat it if we’re having aubergine for lunch, the fact that its a vegetable and it’s really healthy makes me feel as if I’m betraying the poor veggie, and so i decided to do something that made all my family quite surprised.

I cooked aubergine for my dinner one night (the recipe in my previous post) , and i have to admit i actually really enjoyed it, maybe it’s because i added a lot of tomato and tomato sauce to take the flavor away but it just proved to me that even if you’ve always thought that you don’t like a specific food,there’s always a way that you can have it and really enjoy it, so wether it’s your child or yourself or someone you know. And wether its broccoli, an apple or a banana, jazz it up, add some extra ingredients and you’ll be surprised if it doesn’t become the food you sometimes crave


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